Project-Utopia Institute

"Promoting diversity in classical music by creating programs that will develop the musicians and audiences of tomorrow".

About Us

Project-Utopia Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides classical music education programs for the Community of the Washington, D.C. We advocate for diversity in classical music. Our goal is to transform the public's perception of classical music from elitist and boring to cool and entertaining. We believe that people should have more access to classical music concerts in formal and informal venues, and the possibility of experiencing making music themselves.

To acomplish our goals, we are creating partnerships with libraries, hospitals, the local school district, cultural centers, juvenile detention centers, and the foster system to launch our programs. Every individual who would participate in any Project-Utopia Institute program would play an instrument as part of an ensemble, either at a highest level, just for fun, or just for the experience of playing an instrument.

Who we are

Yalira Machado Montejo

Founder, President & CEO

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Beatriz Vera Almeida

Vice President

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Zachary Arthur Walker


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What we do

LET'S MAKE AN ORCHESTRA: Developed for ages 4-99. The audience enjoy of a 30 minutes show in which they learn about the instruments, learn about different aspects of how classical music is built, learn to play a note in an instrument and ultimately perform a piece as an orchestra.

UTOPIA COMUNITY CONCERTS: Interactive chamber music concerts in unusual venues at a small fee or no fee.

UTOPIA VIOLIN PROJECT: Violin courses with different lenghts taught at community centers and senior living facilities. The students learn to play the violin as part of an ensemble. The participants will perform a series of concerts at the end of the course.

Contact US

1155 F St NW Ste 1150
Washington, D.C. 20004
Tel. (202) 600-2013
E-mail: ymachado@project-utopia.org